Michele S. Foster, Principal

Chris Cote, Associate Principal

James Efstathiou, Designer



Foster Associates is a small design studio with a working process that engages the client, the consultants, and the craftsmen equally in a single collaborative act.  Michele S. Foster founded Foster Associates in 1996, with a vision for working simply, without constraints, to explore the ideas provoked by each project.  Separate from the distractions of a large office, the studio maintains focus on its clients, projects, and individual interests.  Three distinct voices develop the project; a single unified voice resounds in each final work.  The studio engages in theoretical discourse, while deriving projects from the needs and desires of its clients.  Refining this philosophy over time, Foster Associates continues to grow through repeated, intensive practice.


We work in a small space, close enough to grow an intimate dialogue.  Our desks are lined with sketches, diagrams, and notes. Intuition shapes our major moves, allowing our eyes and hands to create honestly. We begin each project by drawing our ideas. We build models, break them apart, and build them again. Design becomes a process of discovery.